What’s Happening at Asahikawa

Discover Local Gourmet!

Discover Local Gourmet!

Presenting a new course in which you go around a local supermarket with an OMO ranger and fully enjoy the local scene of Asahikawa!

A new course in which participants go around a local supermarket with an OMO ranger will be available from June 1st, 2019.
To people who want to know Asahikawa well, a local supermarket is the ultimate wonderland.
You will be with an OMO ranger, so not only will you explore the depths of the supermarket, but you will also discover fine and rare products from treasure mountains, learn about the food culture of Hokkaido, and encounter the “real Asahikawa,” which you cannot do anywhere else!

Feature 1: An OMO ranger will guide you
OMO rangers, who know everything about the city, also know a lot about supermarkets in the city!
Such a ranger will impart to you the method of having 120% fun at a local supermarket about 15 minutes away from the hotel by foot.
“Is it true you eat corn dogs with sugar?” “What’s the most delicious way to eat Okhotsk atka mackerel?” “What are some popular school meal dishes?” and other questions about food culture in Hokkaido are welcome, so try asking if you are curious.

Feature 2: You can encounter local delicious foods that cannot be bought at airports or stations
It’s also fun to buy many things at the souvenir sections of airports and stations, but if you want to encounter something deeper in the local culture, head to a local supermarket.
You will find rare foods that you’ve never eaten before, foods that require a little explanation, and foods that have stories behind them, so you might be able to find tasteful souvenirs.

The sheer variety that fills up entire display shelves is a sight to see.
It’s also fun to buy products because of the packaging that can only be found in Hokkaido, featuring animals with cute expressions.

■Jingisukan (grilled mutton) and salted offals
Local delicacies can also be enjoyed at home! You can ship them through a refrigerated courier service from the hotel so you can buy all the “refrigeration required” products that you want.

Feature 3:
A “supermarket strategy sheet” supervised by OMO7 Asahikawa
A sheet packed with OMO rangers’ knowledge and information, including the best routes to go around the supermarket and a ranking of local condiments.
With this one sheet, you will become familiar not only with the supermarkets but also food in Hokkaido.
It is meant to not be for sale, but if it is well-received, it might start being sold at hotel shops!?

By the way, you will learn about the following information and more!

■Choosing ramen, which will inevitably be a drawn-out challenge. Find a product of your preference with OMO’s original “ramen power diagram”
■A ranking of local condiments, which are indispensable in
“namara umai” (dialect for “very delicious”) homecooked food
■A recipe for sekihan (red rice, for auspicious occasions) using sugared red beans instead of adzuki beans

■Application deadline:The day 3:00 p.m.
■Departure time:9:00 p.m.
■Period of time:About 1hours.
■Capacity:1~8 people
■Guide fee:1,000JPY(Only for guests staying at OMO7 Asahikawa)
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*You can ship (normal temperature or refrigerated courier service) food products bought from the supermarket from the hotel.