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What’s Happening at Asahikawa

Second Season Advancements

Second Season Advancements

Seven New Services Introduced to Excite Skiers and Snowboarders

About New Ski City

You can enjoy skiing while staying in the city of Asahikawa thanks to the excellent access to nearby ski slopes.
On September 27th, 2018 Asahikawa announced its declaration as a ski city. The second season since this declaration begins December of 2019 with the introduction of seven new services to excite skiers and snowboarders. These include a bus trip (free for overnight guests) to Daisetsuzan’s Asahi-dake and a Wax Bar where you can choose snow wax that matches the snow’s quality and temperature.
We will continue to strive to make this a skier and snowboarder-first ski city.

The special webpage explaining this is here

Four Pointers to Enjoy Ski City Asahikawa

The allure of après-ski dining in a wide-ranging array of 2,000 restaurants in the heart of the city.
From the classic Jingisukan BBQ to fresh seafood and Asahikawa’s famous dishes, there is a rich culinary repertoire.
There are also numerous reasonably-priced restaurants, allowing you to enjoy a long stay without ever tiring of the cuisine!

A rich variety of ski slopes.
Located in Japan’s “powder belt” there is access to Asahi-dake, Kamui Ski Links, Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU, and Furano Ski Resort.
In addition, dotting the landscape are ski slopes beloved by the locals including Pippu Ski Resort, Santa Present Park, and Canmore Ski Village. You are sure to discover your own favorite slopes.

You can choose the slopes with the best conditions based on that day’s temperature and snow quality.
With the abundant array of ski slopes nearby Asahikawa, all in different directions and at various distances, you can choose the slopes with the best conditions according to that day’s weather and snow quality.

On days with unfavorable weather, there are plenty of tourist attractions other than skiing to enjoy.
Asahikawa is full of tourist attractions, just some of which include the Asahiyama Zoo, Ueno Farm (representing one of the eight gardens of the Hokkaido Garden Path), the Snow Crystal Museum, not to mention short side trips to Furano and Biei.
If conditions are unfavorable at the ski resort you wish to go to, or if you just do not feel like it, feel free to do some sightseeing nearby.
Otherwise, one strategy is to enjoy some alcoholic beverages at a very local Japanese-style tavern starting at noon and then go to bed early to prepare for skiing the following day!

Highlighting Newly Introduced Services!

Beginning operations of a bus free for overnight guests bound to Daisetsuzan Asahi-dake!

A bus free for overnight guests is in operation to Daisetsuzan’s Asahi-dake, Hokkaido’s highest peak at an altitude of 2,291 meters.
Previously a fixed-route one-way bus took 110 minutes, but this new bus is nonstop to Yumoto Yukomansou at the foot of Asahi-dake, only a 75-minute one-way trip.
In continuation from last season, a bus in operation to Asahikawa’s popular Kamui Ski Links resort is available at no cost for overnight guests.

How to Reserve: We will provide information on our official website when bus operation times are decided.

A Wax Bar with 30 types of snow wax to choose from to match the snow’s condition and temperature.

The type of snow wax to apply changes based on the ski slope’s snow quality and the snow temperature for that day.
There is an assortment of 30 types of snow wax for the many skiers and snowboarders heading to the slopes, applicable for snow temperatures from -30 to 15 degrees Celsius.
In the maintenance room you can apply the snow wax you prefer for free!

Period:December 1st, 2019 – May 6st, 2020
Cost:Free (Only for overnight guests)
Venue:OMO base *Hotel Lounge