What’s Happening at Asahikawa

"Asahiyama Zoo Talk Show" only about Ezo Higuma"

The original character, Ezo Higuma named Asahichan, gives a lecture in her charming way.

We will hold a talk show only about Ezo Higuma. We have the special guest “Asahi-chan”, originally from Asahikawa city who looks just like Ezo Higuma.
With a lot of charm, we will tell you about the adorable charm of Ezo Higuma. You can learn about Ezo Higuma with great fun in the bear quiz.

the bear quiz

A “bear quiz” will be held a quiz to explore the ecology of Ezo Higuma. In this , a content related to the ecology and characteristics of Ezo Higuma will be introduced as a “bear quiz”. Furthermore, when answering the quiz, a “bear bear buttoquiz3 n” with a bear hand motif will be used.

< Examples of Quiz to Know Cute Ezo Higuma >
・”Which is my call?” Quiz to Listen to and Answer Animal Calls
・”Which is my favorite food?” Quiz to Guess Your Favorite Food
・”Which one is mine?” Quiz to Guess Which hands, etc.

Asahi-chan who looks just like Ezo Higuma is a guest for the show

In this show, Asahichan originally from Asahikawa City is coming to the show to tell you the Ezo Higuma’s undiscovered charm, such as “hand size” and “favorite food”.

“Asahiyama Zoo talk show only about Ezo Higuma”

Period: June 1, 2023 – August 31
Price: Free
Time: 20: 00 ~ 20: 30
Location: OMO Base