Dive to Local Dive to Local

OMO is like a treasure box for the traveler. Most guidebooks cover the surface, but OMO cover the deeper culture underneath.

Located in the heart of the local scene, OMO is not just an option for the night (we are glad business inns and luxury hotels have that covered). When you stay with us, you will have the chance to get up close and personal with what each town has to offer. We provide information on local food, sightseeing spots, and fun attractions that will fill your bucket list.

Discover local gems and engage your tourist senses with experiences like no other.

“OMO”—Get down with the local rhythm.

To a new way of traveling

Varying in culture and appearance, the cities in Japan never cease to entice visitors. With accommodation in the city catering more for business travelers, we came up with the concept of a “hotel that inspires” and imagined what a tourist would be excited about on a holiday.

This led us to more ideas: Converting the hotel’s surroundings to a huge “resort” made up of regional attractions; casual and traveler-friendly accommodation; hotel cafes serving local delights.

The ideas resulted in a unique getaway.

As visitors increase and cities expand, we at OMO will continue to provide a fresh, interesting approach to traveling in Japan.