Art Contest "Hoshino Resort x avex CREATORS WALL" Judge Results Announcement!

We have decided the winners for the art contest “Hoshino Resort x avex CREATORS WALL”, an Avex Art Agency Project jointly held by Hoshino Resorts OMO3 Tokyo Kawasaki and Avex Inc.

We would like to first thank everyone for submitting the large amount of mindblowingly excellent works of art.

After careful consideration, out of 255 submissions received from both inside and outside Japan, we have selected the winners for the “Grand Prix”, “Hoshino Resort Prize”, “avex Prize”, and “Runner Ups”.

Please check the results on this website.
Hoshino Resort x avex CREATORS WALL

・Grand Prix


・Hoshino Resort Prize


・avex Prize


The winning artworks will become the permanent wallpapers in the “NEDOCO Pod” guest rooms of the “Hoshino Resort OMO3 Tokyo Kawasaki” which will reopen after renovation.
Note: We will announce the hotel opening date on the homepage at a later date.

We would like to congratulate all the winners.