Food & Drink

We want you to enjoy every single part of your trip. This is why we present to you the casual, homey OMO Cafe & Bar inside our hotel and the charming OMO restaurants located around the hotel.

A special dining accomodation for you from OMO, where “hotel” and “local life” come together.

OMO Cafe & Bar

A casual community area for all travelers to gather.

A casual all-day café
that transforms into any scene, from a coffeeshop to a bar.


In the morning wrapped in freshly brewed coffee aroma,
Risotto that you can choose from 6 types,
We offer an "American breakfast" where you can enjoy 5 types of bread.
Morning bake that goes well with freshly dropped coffee is lined up.
Please spend a memorable morning time of your trip with anyone at any time.


Six types of risotto that you can choose different tastes according to your mood at that time.
Hot soup, salad and free drinks are also included in the set.

Cheese and eggs

Cheese and eggs

Bacon and scrambled eggs risotto with plenty of cheese.

Tomato and shrimp

Tomato and shrimp

A refreshing Japanese-style risotto using tomato sauce.

Prosciutto genovese

Prosciutto genovese

Risotto with creamy avocado and prosciutto based on Genovese sauce.

Pumpkin and cheese

Pumpkin and cheese

A risotto that combines pumpkin risotto with cheese flavor and bacon umami.

Salmon and salmon roe

Salmon and salmon roe

Japanese-style risotto with ginger flavor. Salmon and salmon roe are topped.



Japanese style risotto using clams. Imagine the Tokyo specialty "Fukagawa meshi".

American Breakfast

A breakfast set with five types of bread including focaccia, croissant, etc., a thick slice of bacon, and finished with a soft, fluffy scrambled egg.

7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Breakfast set (Risotto Set or American Breakfast) ¥1,250 each (tax included)
Both breakfast sets include a free drink, salad and hot soup.
*Depending on our shipments, the content of the breakfast sets may change.
*Breakfast tickets will be given at the time of check-in for customers who have booked a plan with breakfast.
*You can order breakfast from the morning of the day. If you would like to have breakfast on the day, please ask the OMO Cafe & Bar staff.


A cafe where you can enjoy deserts and lunch with your coffee.
Guests not staying at a hotel are also welcome to visit our cafe as the local coffeeshop.

10:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.


An alcohol and snack menu is available for enjoying this space after a day out in the town.

2:00 p.m.-0:00 a.m.

Local Eats

The food experience in the old town atmosphere of Otsuka.

In Otsuka, you can still wander into a retro, Showa-era atmosphere hidden in the large urban city of Tokyo.
The friendly locals welcome you in the bustling, homey shopping center.
Instead of going out to a trendy, fashionable restaurant, why don't you come taste our nostalgic and warm local foods at Otsuka?