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Town Adventure Reports

We’re heading out! Welcome, sake lovers!

We’re heading out! Welcome, sake lovers!

“Sake? In Otsuka?” You’d better believe it. Put on your walking shoes and come see for yourself on the OMO5 Otsuka, Tokyo tour.

Look up! See that giant red lantern?

Keep your eyes peeled for the giant red lantern. You’ll think you’ve gone back in time!

First and foremost, stop and snap a picture to remember the trip by. The big, bright lantern will get your heart pumping with excitement (and make every lantern you see afterwards seem small by comparison). Part the curtain, slide open the door, and step right in! You’ll be greeted by a chorus of cheerful voices that have clearly begun to feel a little buzz (and maybe a few that sound like they already need to be cut off). Nevertheless, the atmosphere is unmistakably one that simply beckons you to join the party. So, let’s start ordering! Giblet stew and pork skewers paired with the perfect sake. Ahh… This is the life! You must try the miso-flavored pork! The flavor will put you in a mood to help you make the most of the rest of the day! This cheery shop is absolutely the perfect place to raise your glass and have your first drink of the day.

Want to savor your sake a little bit at a time? We’ve got you covered!

A big blue curtain with a cute illustration and hanging sugidama cedar balls let you know right away that there’s sake inside! This is a place for novices and connoisseurs alike, where everyone can enjoy their sake one glass at a time. Watch carefully as the staff pours your drink — try not to blink! You’ll probably think, “It’s going to spill. You couldn’t get one more drop in that cup! What finesse and technique!” Between the delicious taste and the surface tension from the servers, the sake never seems to stop flowing. Before you know it, you’ll be enveloped in that warm, happy feeling! Then comes the adorably arranged sashimi with freshly-ground wasabi! That’s right: fresh wasabi in Otsuka! Shocking, isn’t it? If you’ve never experienced it, the scent of fresh wasabi is irresistible.

Time for a break? A quick beer detour...with sake options, too!

Looking to enjoy beer and sake together? Well, look no further!

How would you like to wet your whistle? With our tasty drafts and local microbrews? Or perhaps something from our rich variety of sake! So, if you’ve just gotta have a beer, don’t fight the urge — we can always take a quick detour from our sake tour. This place has it all: craft beer, sake, and oysters! It’s almost as if it’s designed to bring out the inner ‘lush’ within everyone. Prepare to be amazed by the sheer number of regional offerings for oysters. If you’re on the fence about what oyster you’re craving, just say whatever kind of oyster you want the most. You can’t beat a beer in one hand and a fresh oyster in the other! And for those who’re still worried about not being sake savvy, beginners are of course welcome, which is even more reason to come over! Just tell the server your preferences, and their system will take it and come back with the perfect flavors and cuisine. When you first taste that perfect marriage of food and sake, your eyes will be as wide as saucers. Guaranteed!