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What’s happening at Tokyo Otsuka

New Services Start!

New Services Start!

What a waste to just pass by! New Services that Bring Excitement to your Trip!

On September 1st, 2019, we will launch three services—OMO TIME, Today’s Neighbor, and A Decoration & Art Event Made Exciting with Playfulness—as new initiatives of OMO Base, a public space that is worth sticking around for Bringing you ways to spend time in public space where unexpected encounters at your destination and the charms and discoveries of a new city come true.

1.OMO TIME, an event that’s easy to take part in

Each night, we await you at OMO TIME with card games that get things even more exciting and reasonably priced alcoholic drinks that you can enjoy as a quick drink. You can also expect musical performances and movie screenings from time to time.
While drinking with your friends, enjoy lively conversation through games and pleasant music to deepen the memories of your trip.

■ Dates: From September 1st, 2019
■ Opening: Every day
■ Time: 9:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.
■ Content: Card games, beer for ¥100 (at OMO CAFE)
* Live events and movie screenings will be held from time to time
■ Participation fee: Free (drinks are charged separately)
■ Reservations: Not required

2.Today’s Neighbor, and event where you can encounter local attractions

Today’s Neighbor is an event where a unique neighbor comes in to OMO Base to introduce local attractions. You’ll learn about places where you can mingle with local people and local things.
Today’s Neighbor presents workshops run by craft beer specialty stores from the neighborhood or from local beer brewers, and a demostration sale by a long-established tea shop that has a famous old man.
Head out to Otsuka, a place where you can find deep local attractions that you did not read about in guidebooks.

■ Dates: From September 1st, 2019
■ We will inform you as soon as the date, time and other details are decided.

3.A Decoration & Art Event Made Exciting with Playfulness

OMO Base is unique for its playful decorations that make visitors laugh.
At OMO5 Tokyo Otskua, we have decorations made using the hanging straps, next-stop buttons, and station signs from the Toden Arakawa Line, which is the local symbol. You can enjoy an experience that’s just like riding on the Toden.
We also have plans for art events that function as a place of communication about different kinds of culture unique to the city, such as art, music, and performing arts.

■ Dates: Decorations are permanently viewable, art events are held on an irregular basis
※ We will inform you of events as soon as dates are decided.