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A good and free journey

A good and free journey

A plan that combines a hotel and a plane ticket

If you have a plan to travel, it is recommended to book a hotel and Flight ticket together.
I’m sure you’ll get excited to prepare for the trip!
You can combine hotels and airplanes on your own schedule and easily create an original plan.

1.Choice of accommodation plan

You can choose the best accommodation plan according to your travel schedule, such as a reasonable early reservation plan or a consecutive stay plan for a long stay.

2.Airlines are free to choose

You can also choose your flight schedule with the airline company, and you can compare flights and fares at once, so you can make a reservation without stress!

3.Reservation accepted 5 days in advance!

Even if you have a sudden holiday or are having trouble finding an airline ticket and a hotel, you can reserve a hotel and airline ticket set plan 2 days in advance!
You can book a flight ticket and a hotel together for 24 hours from the dedicated page, so you don’t have to worry about a sudden trip.

Reservations can be made from the dedicated page.

Hotel + Flight reservation from here. *Go to External Site
Reservation only for hotels is here.