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Our efforts to prevent the coronavirus(COVID-19) infection

Our efforts to prevent the coronavirus(COVID-19) infection

Measures for safe stay

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the movement and direct engagement of people is being limited. We at Hoshino Resort think that, after the spread of the virus is sufficiently contained, tourists will want to enjoy a temporary break from their lives with complete assurance of safety.

We believe that what the tourism industry can do for the future is to prepare a place where guests can relieve themselves of the stress accumulated from fighting off daily anxiety caused by the pandemic.

Hoshino Resort adheres to 2 principles to tackle the crisis, namely “Hygiene Management” and “Avoiding the Three C’s” to revolutionize our services in all our facilities. On the “Hygiene Management” front, we are mainly conducting regular sanitization and checking on the health of our staff and guests. As for “Avoiding the Three C’s”, we are actively and earnestly creating spaces to avoid the occurance of the “3 C’s” between guests and staff, and between guests, a stark contrast to our original service provision style.

<Specific details of COVID-19 spread prevention measures>

1st Special Measure: Hygiene Management
As part of the measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID- 19) infection, our building is taking the following measures, taking into account the health and safety of its customers as well as public health.

■Temperature measurement and confirmation of overseas travel history
When you check in, we ask for your cooperation to check your temperature and travel history abroad.
In addition, if you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, we may ask you to refrain from staying in the hotel according to the instructions of the public health center.
■Alcohol disinfectants provided in all guest rooms.
■Droplet infection prevention panels set up at the Reception counters.
■In addition to the regular room cleaning services, we are also cleaning and wiping down all surfaces in the hotel with electrolyzed water.
In particular, when cleaning guest rooms, we disinfect parts that often come into contact with hands (doorknobs, handles of drawers and refrigerators, remote controls, electrical switches etc.) with electrolyzed water.
■Installation of alcohol for sterilization at various places in the building.
■Ask all customers to disinfect their hands with alcohol when entering the store.
■High-temperature washing of tableware and cutlery (80 ° C or higher).
■Wearing a mask when serving customers.
■Thorough health and hygiene management.

<2nd Special Measure: Avoiding the 3 C’s>
We have taken the following steps to provide a comfortable stay which avoids the 3 C’s of “Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact settings”.

■Entrance restrictions to crowded areas.
■Restrictions to queueing when making final payments at the reception counters during checkout, as required.
■Automatic check-in machines will be used for check-ins and check-outs to avoid congestion in the lobby and close-contact with staff.

<Measures taken by OMO Brand Facilities>
In addition to the above mentioned measures, facilities and services under the OMO brand are implementing the following measures.

■Ensuring awareness of preventive measures and locating seats to keep social distance at public spaces (OMO Base).
■Recommending bringing take-out food bought outside the hotel to the hotel’s public spaces.
■Showing recommended nearby take-out food stores on a map.
■”OMO Ranger (Guide tours by hotel staff)” is running walk tours with social distancing measures.

Showing “Hygiene Management” and “Avoiding the 3 C’s” measures carried out by Hoshino Resort’s OMO through videos.

We will do our very best to ensure your safety and peace of mind during your stay at this hotel.