What’s happening at Tokyo Otsuka

Bring Otsuka Gourmet to your room!

Bring Otsuka Gourmet to your room!

You can enjoy the staff's recommended Go-KINJO menu in your room.

As an OMO that knows the city inside out, we launched a delivery service called “Go-KINJO Delivery Ranger”!
An OMO ranger, dressed as a hotel staff member, will take your pick of the neighborhood menu and deliver it to your room.
It is also a great point that you can choose easily without hesitation, depending on your budget and mood at the time.

■Time: Delivered between 18: 00 ~ 21: 00 * When we accept reservations, we will tell you the delivery time.
■Date excluded: December 31, 2022 to January 3, 2023
■Reservations: accepted on the day between 15: 00 ~ 20: 00 at the front desk
■Cost: 1,000 yen for delivery service (service charge, tax included) * Meals (set menu) are charged separately.
■For guests only
■Note: Depending on the business conditions of the restaurant, some menu items may be changed. Please ask our staff on the day for details.

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OMO’s neighborhood is full of charming eateries that have long been loved by locals!
You can enjoy the “Taste of Otsuka” without worrying about going outside.

The taste is perfect! OMO-conceived 'Delivered Ranger Set Menu'

The OMO ranger-inspired set menu is available in the 「MATSU」「TAKE」「UME」 price range (2,000 ~ 5,000 yen, tax included).
All you have to do is look at the “Delivery Ranger Set Menu” (available from 1 person) in your room and make a reservation at the front desk!
Leave the food to the rangers so you can stay cooped up in your room with friends without going outside.

The fourth floor lobby lounge "OMO Base" is also recommended!

“It’s nice to relax and enjoy a meal in your room, but I’d like to have a meal for a change …” If that’s the case, we recommend OMO Base (public space on the fourth floor of the building)!

The OMO base is open as a cafe and free dining space, so guests can use it anytime they want.
It’s perfect for any occasion, from the open counter seats that are easy for one person to the sofa seats and table seats that are perfect for groups with a view of the streetcar. Enjoy Otsuka Gourmet in an open space in the city.