A hot spring facility where you can enjoy a sauna bath. A sauna bath is a method of bathing in which you repeatedly enter a sudatorium, a hot water bath, and rest two to three times, and you can expect relaxation effects. Please enjoy a comfortable wellness time that the fatigue of traveling, restores balance to your mind and body, and leads you to harmony.

    3:30 p.m.–12:00 p.m. (Final Service: 11:30 p.m. / No Holidays)
    *Only for use by hotel guests
    Bath Fees
    Hotel Guests:free

    Bath / Sauna

    The baths and saunas are a space of healing and relaxation overflowing with a sense of liberation to relieve everyday fatigue. The bathrooms are fully stocked bathrooms with towels and all other amenities. There’s also a changing room that’s free for our guests to use during their stay.

    Relaxing bath
    Float on your back in a relaxing bathtub of water that’s a perfect 39C to 42C (102F to 108F). It improves blood flow and relaxes the body.
    Whole body shower
    A pleasant, full-body shower with hot water jet-sprays your body from all angles. Let yourself be transported away from your fatigue with the rushing water.
    Walking bath
    This is a Lukewarm bath of 32C to 33C (89.6F to 91.4F) that goes up to your stomach. A simple walk through the bath water can improve your general well-being.
    Bubble bath
    This is a bubble bath to both relax the body and beautify the skin. The massaging effect from these bubbles can also help to recover from general fatigue.
    Our dry sauna will refresh your body down to the core. It energizes your body’s blood flow and metabolism through stimulating the body’s capillary vessels and sweat glands.
    Mist sauna
    This is a low temperature sauna with plentiful amounts of steam sprayed in. It is easy on the body, letting you sweat at your leisure.