What’s Happening at Asahikawa

Asahikawa City bonfire bar

Asahikawa City bonfire bar

Enjoy the night city view with the bonfire

From September 1st, 2023 to November 5th, Asahikawa City bonfire bar will be held again from last year. Enjoy a bonfire with relaxing at Asahikawa Furniture.

The chairs surrounding the bonfire are made in Asahikawa Furniture. They are made of solid wood with the natural texture of wood and are extremely comfortable to be settled. From this year we have installed more furniture and enjoy the difference of the chairs.

Enjoy a bonfire with the the recycled firewood from Asahikawa Furniture.

The bonfires in this event are made by the recycled firewood from the process of making Asahikawa Furniture.
By making effective use of the wood, you can enjoy the fragrance comes from the bonfire burning several types of the woods
Have a great bar experience with the bonfire and nights sky view.

The quality of Asahikawa furniture

The chairs surrounding the bonfire are made in Asahikawa, branded as Asahikawa furniture, one of Japan’s five most top quality furniture manufacturing district.

The Asahikawa Furniture is made of solid wood that has the natural texture of natural wood.The craftsman’s careful handwork gives you special comfort feeling when you have seat on the chair.

Hokkaido Whisky is coming this year!

From this year, Hokkaido whisky is coming up on our menu.

The unique smoky aroma of the whisky is highly compatible with that of the bonfire, creating a pleasant time. Chocolate is available as an accompaniment to enjoy alcohol.

Whisky and chocolate have a lot in common in smell and taste, so they go well together. In addition, Asahikawa Furniture’s Bar counter will be newly coming up this year as well. The Bar counter will appear in an extraordinary space, creating a special moment that can only be experienced here.

Asahikawa Machinaka Bonfire Bar
Period: September 1, 2023 – November 5
Time: 17:00~23:00 (For day trips, 17:00~20:00, L.O. 22:30)
Price: Free admission, drinks from 1,000 yen
Capacity: 30 people
Available for all the guests including walk-in guests.
No need reservation