What’s Happening at Asahikawa

Hokkaido Animal Halloween

Hokkaido Animal Halloween

Halloween event hosted by Hokkaido animals

Hokkaido animals welcoming Halloween party will be held on OMO Base. There will be a lot of fun events such as unique “Trick or treats!” and fun seminar for enjoying the sightseeing of Asahiyama Zoo.

Hokkaido Animal Halloween
Period: October 1, 2023 – October 31
Price: Free
Location: OMO based
For the guests only.

“Hospitality of Hokkaido Animals”
Hokkaido Animals such as Brown bear, a deer, a snow hare and an owl. and from this year, a new concierge, the Ezo squirrel, is welcoming the guests. It helps guests stay with the Acorn Map, a collection of shops around the hotel where you can enjoy local seasonal cuisine.

Both children and even adults can enjoy the realistic costumes as if they are truly being served by animals.

Time: 15:00~20:30 (Depending on the time zone, different animals appear.)

Unique “Trick or treat”, “Trick or SAKETOBA!”

Say “Trick or SAKETOBA!” to a brown bear on OMO Base, you will receive a sake-toba, which is a dried salmon.

“A seminar for Asahiyama Zoo which only talks about animals in Hokkaido”

From 20:00 every night, “A seminar for Asahiyama Zoo will be held on OMO Base.Hosted the Ezo owl will tell you the story of how animals prepare for winter and the natural environment where animals lives.

Time: 20:00~20:30