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Hitting the slopes?
Why not try a city stay

Skiing in Hokkaido’s a lot of fun, that part’s a given.
But when you start adding up food, hotel fees, and resort fees,
well...What about staying inside the city? The price is surprisingly reasonable!
With the same budget, you could have a longer and more enjoyable stay.
Hit those ski slopes in Asahikawa this winter
and enjoy everything the ski city has to offer!

4 Benefits of Asahikawa, the New Ski City

Choose the slopes with the best conditions for the day
Never fall prey to the whims of winter weather—with a range of slopes to choose from, you can pick the best location for the day based on snowfall and weather conditions, then get dressed and out the door without a second thought!
After-ski experiences only available in the city
Surrounding the hotel is a treasure trove of over 2,000 shops and restaurants, full of local delicacies at incredibly reasonable prices. Explore hidden gems of the area unavailable at standard, secluded ski resorts.
Inclement weather never means inclement fun!
Staying in the city means you never waste a moment. When the slopes are unfit for skiing, you can head out to explore the local zoo or spend time in a cozy cafe, saying goodbye to off-ski days stuck in your room.
Travel Confidently at OMO7 Asahikawa
The Asahikawa Airport boasts a cancellation rate of just 0.5%—no need to worry about adjusting your perfect schedule! Furthermore, from this year we will offer a direct bus service from the hotel to the slopes, making transportation a breeze.

Asahikawa, the Best Ski City

Check the information by clickingtapping the Ski Slopes Illustrations!

  • KAMUI Ski Links
  • Asahidake Ski Slopes
  • Prince Snow Resorts Furano
  • Hoshino Resorts Tomamu Snow Park & Resort

Ski Trip of Asahikawa – Enjoy the Before and After Time

The allure of a ski trip to Asahikawa is not simply about the best powder snow.
There are approximately 2,000 restaurants lining the streets of Asahikawa where gourmands can taste local delicacies like a grilled lamb dish known as “Genghis Khan”, fresh sashimi, grilled yakitori chicken, as well as Japanese wine and a variety of other delights. From reasonably priced local fare to back alley izakayas frequented by locals, the expansive range of restaurants makes for the perfect place for an extended stay.
Don’t hesitate to ask one of the OMO7 Asahikawa staff to delve into their vast reserves of local knowledge if you ever find yourself pondering over where to go.
Ski only when the snow conditions are at their best, then head over to the popular Asahiyama Zoo in the afternoon or drop by one of the branded snow gear shops amongst an abundance of other things to see and do.

A breakfast buffet unique to Hokkaido!

A.M. 6:30


Head on over to the OMO Cafe to fill your belly and snap out of your sleepy haze. Enjoy both sweet and savory freshly cooked waffles by switching up your choice of toppings.

A.M. 8:00

Belly full and ready to ski? Time to hit the slopes! The door to door access makes heading out a cinch. Hop on a bus straight from the hotel and away you go!
Choose your ski slope of choice depending on the quality of snow on the day!

A.M. 9:30


Today’s pick of all the different ski slopes is Asahidake! Head straight up to an altitude of 1,600 meters by ropeway and be greeted by pristine powder snow. It’s not hard to see why backcountry skiers from around the world gather here to experience this very moment.
Cafe&Shop SALT Cafe&Shop SALT
Socks shop YAMAtune

P.M. 4:00


Once you’ve had your fair share of powder snow, drop by Higashikawa on your way back home. As you persue the socks on offer at YAMAtune with a cup of coffee from SALT in hand, you’re informed of the clearing weather over towards Furano. Well then, that settles tomorrow’s plans...
All eyes on the Higashikawa area!

P.M. 6:30

A quick break in the hotel before putting on some sneakers to head into town.
Genghis Khan Daikokuya Genghis Khan Daikokuya

P.M. 8:00


Time to have some Genghis Khan BBQ lamb for dinner at the famous Genghis Khan Daikokuya. You’ve always wanted to try the succulent raw lamb here! But make sure you don’t over eat! You’ll be wandering the back streets bar hopping later on — a typical long night on the town in Asahikawa.
Don’t drink too much for your ski adventure tomorrow!
Winter snow feels so great!

other day...

If the conditions on the mountain aren’t great, head over into town for some sightseeing fun. Perhaps a trip over to Asahiyama Zoo to see the polar bears before stopping by to chow down on some Asahikawa ramen on the way back? The amount of choices is what makes a ski trip to Asahikawa such a treat.

From the hotel to the powder snow

Bus services have been upgraded as the first part of OMO7 Asahikawa’s winter initiatives to make traveling from the hotel to the ski slopes more convenient!
We’ll keep up the efforts to make your ski trip a pleasant one!

KAMUI Ski Links

By free shuttle bus for hotel patrons (book in advance)

approximately 35 minutes

Operates daily from 2018/12/22 to 2019/3/21 (1 return trip per day)
[Departing OMO7 Asahikawa] 8:35 [Departing Kamui Ski Links] 15:10

By car

approximately 35 minutes

Asahidake Ski Slopes

By bus service to and from the hotel

approximately 110 minutes

Services begin in October 2018 (4 return trips per day)
[Departing OMO7 Asahikawa] 7:00, 9:30, 13:00, 15:30
[Departing Asahidake] 9:30, 12:00, 15:30, 18:30
The [Ideyu-go] bus service can be boarded from in front of the hotel for 1,450 Yen one way.

By car

approximately 60 minutes

Prince Snow Resorts Furano

By the resort liner


Services are scheduled to begin December 2018. (Saturdays and Sundays only, one return trip per day scheduled)
*Information regarding fares and scheduling are currently under consideration.

By car

approximately 80 minutes

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

By the resort liner

approximately 3 hours and 30 to 45 minutes

Services scheduled to begin in December 2018 (1 return trip per day)
[Departing OMO7 Asahikawa] 14:30 [Departing Hoshino Resorts Tomamu] 18:20
Ski City
After a fulfilling trip to Asahikawa, shift your travel base over to the nature-rich Tomamu and take advantage of the plethora of snow activities available.

By car

approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes