What’s Happening at Asahikawa

An Asahikawa local sake tour

An Asahikawa local sake tour

Takasago Brewery has been producing sake in Asahikawa for centuries with a committed focus on making excellent sake from the pure water of snow melt.

Surrounded by rivers and snow-capped mountains, Asahikawa is a town located in the Kamikawa Basin that is blessed with rich natural water resources. The Takasago Brewery was founded in 1899 and features products still popular throughout Asahikawa, a.k.a. the “Open waters of the North Sea.” Though the cold is intense, it’s also the secret to the unique brewing process that creates the high-grade sake available here. And during your visit, you’ll have a chance to tour the historic brewery.

This group of warehouses, built during the Meiji and Taisho periods, are registered cultural assets. The deep red brickwork of the “Great Snow Beer Hall” is a captivating sight and creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the era of the building’s construction. Come in for delicious (and wallet-friendly) eats, including Genghis Khan (Japanese grilled mutton) dishes and craft beers.

An award-winning sake with a dry taste and light, clean finish, “Otokoyama” is the product of the rich natural beauty of Hokkaido. The memorial hall features valuable materials, documents, tools, and other items related to sake brewing history. Admission is free. Stop by the tasting area and gift shop on your way out for a large selection of the brewer’s reserve!

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