What’s happening at Tokyo Otsuka

Digital Go-KINJO Map Launched

Digital Go-KINJO Map Launched

OMO5 Tokyo otsuka We installed touch-panel digital signage at the OMO base (hotel lobby) , and released a “Digital Go-KINJO Map” that provides timely information about the city! The latest word-of-mouth information on nearby shops and spots, as well as real information sent out by shop owners, are full of deep information about the city that you won’t find in a guidebook!
Please enjoy OMO’s unexpected encounters and discoveries during your stay.

"Digital Go-KINJO Map" 4 Points

1. Catch a shopkeeper's realistic voice!

Information posted by shopkeepers and shop assistants on SNS and other web services is reflected on the digital Go-KINJO map as shopkeeper’s tweets. You can catch realistic voices at the time, such as “We got some good fish today!” or “The takeout snack set will be available from 15: 00!”. Check it out before you head to town to make your trip more enjoyable!

2. Store reviews are gathered on the map in real time!

Digital Go-KINJO maps attract word of mouth posted on Instagram, Twitter, Google Maps, and more. This map lets you view the ratings of third parties who have actually visited a store or spot at once, making it easy to choose a store without having to search for it yourself! If you post your own experience on social media, your post may trigger a big boom for your neighbors!?

3. Full of information not found in guidebooks!

In a new city, it takes guts to get into a new store. In such a case, the information that the staff actually gathered on foot is useful. For example, “Even though I’m a butcher, I can appreciate professional cutouts!” and “I want you to eat this tempura restaurant with more than 10 kinds of special salt!” are packed with great deals to help you enjoy the city more than you can find in a guidebook.

4. It's fun to watch and touch, and makes me want to hit the streets right now!

At night, the sun sets, and the color of the city changes depending on the season, so the look of the city changes depending on the season and the time of day, and just like the actual city, it shows different expressions depending on the timing. Touch the shops or spots you’re interested in, and you’ll be thrilled by the moving illustrations, such as the shop owner making a strolling appearance or the latest word of mouth floating around. The more you look at it and touch it, the more you’ll want to go to town!